Conscious Boss Bootcamp 

Are you ready to finally launch & grow your wellness or coaching business?

Unsure of how to stand out online & sick of feeling overwhelmed, stuck & confused about the next steps to take in your business?

Do you often feel isolated & alone in your business & wish you could be surrounded by a powerhouse group of women who have your back?

Are you READY to be supported by me – who believes in you, has your back 100% & can show you the way to bring your dream business to life?

If your heart answered YES to any of the above, then...
Who's Emily?
Hey babe, its Em here... what you should know about me is, 
I am obsessed, no, literally OBSESSED with helping women create conscious businesses that allow them to deeply support those they care about, and the greater community.

I KNOW first hand how frustrating it can be staying stuck in 'start-up' stage, confused about my ideas, wanting to launch but not sure how... then launching but taking so much longer than was necessary to really start making the impact, and the money that I knew I was capable of.

This programme is the programme I wish I had had at that time. 
When I really got clear, got support and took the aligned action I needed to take, I went from $20K a year, to $20K a month in just 10 months! That is a 10 x business growth.. it's possible sister! 

 I have now worked with thousands of women through my trainings, coaching, programmes and events all around the world. I am here with you 100% as we walk side by side into the business & life you've always dreamed of & as you become the woman you always knew you could be.

Abergale Bremner 
"I didn't have a business when I first started  Bootcamp with Emily and since then I've launched my business, I have launched my first online program where I had twenty two incredible women I helped transform. I've now set up another business with my current partner. I've launched a second online program, I've got ten people in there at the moment, and I'm now launching my first spiritual awakening retreat in Bali which I'm super excited about. A lot of that is credit to the incredible Emily and the container that she provides for the women that embark working with her. Emily is your girl. Jump in with Emily. She's changed my life in numerous ways. I'm so grateful for her, and I look forward to working with you again in the future, Em. Love you."

Imagine this with me...

It's the end of the year, you're sitting around with some of your entrepreneurial sisters, reflecting on what a life changing year you've all had.

You've finally taken that idea you have, that business you've always dreamed of... and launched it.

You're well on your way (if not already) to being supported FULL TIME by your passion.

You've met an entirely new community of like-minded women who not only inspire you, but support, encourage and nurture you & your dreams.

You've pushed yourself so far out of your comfort zone, things that used to scare you, no longer make you think twice. 

You've stepped into the driven, inspired, passionate woman you've always known that you were in your soul.

You have finally stepped up.


You feel so excited about the opportunities that are now showing up for you.
Mayfair Ngondona 
Working with Emily was hands down the best decision I made for my business. I didn't even have the money initially but I found it and I don't regret. During my time working with Emily the results I've achieved have gone past my expectations. I launched my coaching website way way earlier than I thought I would, I developed my first group coaching program & I hosted my own speaking event. The biggest thing was how much I grew as a person and just developed this confidence in myself as a coach. When I started this programme and working with Emily I kind of knew what I wanted but I didn't really believe I could have it. She really really helps you to work through some of your limiting beliefs which has been massive for me. What I loved most about working with her was I think was how much she empowered me as a coach and let me kind find my own way of doing things as opposed to being 'this is how it's done'. If you want to work with her do it one hundred percent listen to the pull."  

Can you feel that? How juicy that is? How compelling that future is?

It is yours.

All you need to do is say yes.

To yourself. To your dreams. To believing it can be yours. That's the only thing in your way. Are you ready to say yes?

You are ready. You are passionate. You will make an impact in the world with your business.

You're the lady I am looking for to support on this journey.

If your heart answered yes to any of the above then this programme is for you and I cannot wait to support you.

I will say it again...
 Jacqui Sive 
I was somebody who was very confused,  very overwhelmed,  who had a dream but didn't know how to turn it into reality so when I met Emily Gallagher and I and I heard about the Conscious Boss Bootcamp I knew that this is the course I absolutely have to take that if I take this my life will change. Since working with Emily and since undergoing the incredible training that she offers and I mean she covers everything, everything you want to know about building a truly conscious business whether you are a coach whether you’re a service based wellness provider whoever you are out there if you have a dream you have a passion to truly create and do good in this world Emily Gallagher is your girl. She is incredible, she truly helped me to take my business from zero figures to to $5,000 in the first month of officially being a coach. I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend Emily Gallagher and the Conscious Boss Bootcamp system. If you are thinking about it do it you will not regret it.

Conscious Boss Bootcamp is the only business training programme you need to get your business LAUNCHED, and heading towards stepping in FULL time to your dream. Through videos, worksheets & coaching calls I share with you the FUNDAMENTALS that I implemented in my business, and the hundreds of women who have been through bootcamp, to build their businesses. I have poured my heart & soul into this programme & I realised that this needed to be in more women's hands.

I am making this game changing programme available at this price - because it's YOU that I want to help.

•To take you from scared to confident. 
•To take you from doubtful to powerful. 
•To take your idea & turn it into a business. 
•To transform your money story into a fairytale.

I believe it's about simplicity, action & commitment. You WILL get to your result ... but you may just need some support along the way. I am here to give you that support.

Briony McKenzie
"It's so worth the investment. I tripled my investment. That was something I wanted to do when I signed up, financially I want to triple it, and I did.
When I first started, I was still working full time as a lawyer and I had an idea and I knew I wanted to be a coach, but I didn't know exactly what it looked like. Em was amazing at helping me find my authentic voice and build a business that aligned with my values. Since then I've gone full time in my coaching business, and I also started another startup with some co-founders.
Em can be counted on to make you stretch and grow and do things you maybe wouldn't otherwise do. Also with the community inside Conscious Boss Bootcamp, it was amazing to have other people who are going through what you're going through. It's been an incredible journey with Em, and if you're thinking about it, I encourage you just to do. It's so worth the investment."

  • You are an aspiring coach, healer, wellness professional, or service entrepreneur
  • You're ready to build a business, and unleash your IMPACT
  • You KNOW your work is of huge value, but you need that kick, accountability & support to get it off the ground
  • You’ve been sitting on an idea for a while, but just not sure what your next steps are
  • You are hovering between $0-$3,000 a month in your business
  •  You feel overwhelmed when you think about how to grow your business into the success you know it can be
  •  You are READY to stretch emotionally, financially, energetically - to create a life FULL of passion, adventure & freedom
  •  You believe that business can make a positive impact on the lives of those you love & are driven by your mission
  •  You are looking to connect with a life-changing community of sisters who have your back every step of the way
  •  You are ready to find that fire inside, build your confidence, become financially free & a leader in your life
What you will Master:

Success in Business is 80% psychology, 20% strategy, find out how to master the 80% here in this pivotal training.

• Uncover what is in your way & why you haven't created the results you've been looking for 
• Learn powerful practices to ensure you STAY IN THE GAME
• Build the rock solid foundation so can conquer any goal with resilience

Want to get your first client? Maybe it's hitting your first 4 or 5 figure month? Hell, maybe (like me) you want to sit next to Oprah as a guest expert ... whatever it is we create the play by play plan to get you there .

• Figure out why you have NOT already been reaching your goals 
• Through a deep process, uncover your ultimate vision for your life and business
• Break down that huge, scary vision into actions you can start on TODAY
You've heard it before, but if you speak to everyone, you're speaking to no-one. It couldn't be more true, yet still so many people are reluctant to really specify their services. THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR WHOLE BUSINESS. 

• Identify exactly who your service is for so every other decision in your business becomes easier 
• Eliminate fear from being specific in your business
• Uncover how to work with the clients YOU love
• Become more consistent on social media & sharing your business, because now you KNOW who you're speaking to
• Build a powerful and trusted brand through knowing exactly what you stand for & who to align with
•Take the doubt away from knowing what services to create and offer
Whether you're the next up and coming influencer, or you're hiding from algorithms, or you've never heard of an Opt in, an automation or a funnel.. stress not... this module demystifies and shows you only what you need to worry about NOW, to make sure your business is being seen online.

• Understand what underpins all online strategy 
• Learn how to build powerful trust online 
• Discover the way people are going about it and getting it all WRONG online
• How to be different online and build an organic tribe

Did you know that the majority of female entrepreneurs make only $60,000 a year?! Not on my watch! 

Moving away from charging your services by the hour, connecting to your VALUE, owning your worth so you can charge accordingly, then mastering the sales process, is KEY if you want to eventually build a 6 - multiple 6 figure and beyond business. 

•Learn WHY charging by the hour will not build you a powerful business
• Uncover how to find EXACTLY the right amount for your services 
• Listen to REAL sales calls that have made over $400,000 in sales for Conscious Boss
• Feel confident and assertive charging premium prices for your services 
• Know exactly how to manage leads, and manage your sales process

We will look at the exact formula for connecting with influencers you admire and how to create value you can begin offering right away. We will also look at how you can build community around your business and why this is so important. You will learn the ins and outs of networking, so you can get out there and promote like a pro. 

• Learn my exact formula for building powerful collaborations to grow your business
• What you MUST DO, and MUST NOT do if you're looking to collaborate 
• Exact reach out templates that I have used to build collaborations with industry leaders
• Find out why people are getting it WRONG when building their tribe and collaborating
• Start building your success network right away

Clients are everywhere... believe it?
Start seeing that you have clients ALL around you & learn how to find them
Stevie Nupier
When I invested in myself and enlisted Emily's help as a business coach, oh, my gosh, did I see results! The amount of money that I invested in this course, in Emily and myself, I actually doubled in the first month. Even when I say it now, I can't even believe that I achieved that in one month,  all thanks to Emily. The framework that she provides, the building blocks and the stepping stones that she maps out for you in order for you to upscale and up level your business is truly an investment that is worth making.

Emily, I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything you've given me, what you've taught me, the support you've provided me. The best thing I ever did for my business and my self development was invest in you, girlfriend. I'm so proud to say I'm now Conscious Boss Babe."

Plus you receive these
Exclusive Bonuses

  • What business to start' recorded video training ($350 value)
  •  Over 10 hours of Guest expert trainings on everything from mindset, to productivity, to sales ($4000 value)
  •  Access to over 50 hours of live coaching calls ($10,000 value)
  •  Recording of actual sales calls that have generated over $500,000 in sales ($2000 value)
  •  Access to the Conscious Boss Clique Events library with over 10 events with industry experts ($500 value)
  •  Access to a private Facebook Community where you can connect to the other sisters inside this course to support your learning. ($1000 value)

Your Investment: $495 USD
Kat Arapis
  Absolutely game changing. It took me from lost, hopeless, confused to really feeling empowered, inspired, confident that I can execute. Confident that my dream can become a reality, that if I take the next steps forward that I will be able to achieve what I want to. The community was also outstanding.
I would say hands down if you're looking to finally get that dream going, get the mind right for the dream, the confidence up-leveled, belief systems in check, to have a community of sisters to really support you and most importantly a coach and a mentor to really keep you supported and accounted for, Bootcamp is for you. So hands down I would do this all over again and I suggest anyone that's in the same position to do the same. Thank you so much Emily from the bottom of my heart, you changed my year, my summer and probably my whole life so, thank you so much.

  •  ALL of the exclusive bonuses worth over $25,000
  • 7 x video content modules taking you through the step by step to launch & GROW your online business
  •  Worksheets to enhance training topics and ensure you have epic breakthroughs
  •  Facebook support community

You'll get all this for only $797 USD
This programme has supported women like Jacqui from going from 0-$5000 in ONE month, Abi going from NO business, to having $20,000 months, Ella from shy and lacking confidence, to having 5 figure months, Stevie from 0-$8,000 in her first month of business... the list goes on!

Are you ready to be the next success story? 

The Six Video Content Modules 
Taking you through the step by step to launch & GROW your online business

Everything you need to master your mindset, smash old beliefs and build your powerhouse confidence
Want to sit down with Oprah? Publish your first book? Get that much needed clarity and create a play-by-play plan to get you there
Why  not being specific in your business is killing your efforts, and sales. This will change your whole business!
Create your signature packages, learn how to charge premium prices, and master your sales mindset

When did it get so complicated? Learn what to focus on now to ensure your business will be seen online

The exact formula to connect you with influencers you admire, how to build community and know how to network like a pro
Pip Honour
Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

"I seriously recommend this wonderful course. It’s amazing. Its life-changing.If you’re thinking about doing this course have no doubts and just go for it. It’s amazing."

Em gives 110%. She is always available and so responsive and there by your side to help lift and help you grow in everything that you are doing throughout the course.

You will just feel super super pumped and ready to just get on with things and really nurture, love, grow, preach and get out there with your business.

Nikkola Pickering
Life coach

"I’m so, so glad that I did this. Thank you very much to Emily and I highly recommend Bootcamp. 

It really was at the right time for me, I was incubating my ideas for my business and I was able to launch at the same time as starting this, it was perfect timing for me.

I had so much growth in that time. We were given tasks which obviously are going to lead us to success. Setting up models inside of our business, getting really clear was absolutely the most important part for me especially being at the beginning of my business.

On top of that the incredible community, I can’t explain how much it is important to be connected with other incredible people doing the same thing. Being in a tribe when you are trying to do something pretty massive is very, very valuable."

"Signing up to Conscious Boss Bootcamp is the best decision I have ever made. For anyone wanting to take their business (and life!) to a whole new level, I couldn't recommend working with Emily more.

When you are launching a business there are so many decisions to make and so many expenses ahead. Signing up to something like a business course can sometimes feel like a bit of a luxury rather than a necessity - but let me tell you, this is so much more than a course!
Within weeks it changed my whole mindset and has fundamentally shifted the way I'm developing my business, for the better.

Kristy Von Minden, Corporate Wellness & Mindfulness Advocate 

"If you’re thinking about doing Conscious Boss Bootcamp my answer would be 100% yes you should definitely do it. You won’t regret it.

 I have done so many programs in the past and none of them have given me the progress and clarity and support that I was able to get from Emily in such a short amount of time.

Kirsten Morrison, Passion & Purpose Coach 

"Before I started working with Emily I was working in a shitty corporate job that I hated, I was lacking direction, and I had this beautiful idea of what I want to create with my life, but I had no idea how to take that first step or what to do. 

Since then I have left the corporate world, I've stepped into full-time coaching, I've just booked out my first online program which I kick start next week, and I'm serving beautiful clients, I've completely transformed my life, and it's just been absolutely amazing." 
Ella Worsley
Previous Guest Experts
I select WORLD CLASS leaders to share their inside skills on how they have all built multiple 6-figure and 7-figure businesses, and how YOU can do the same.

Here are just a few of the guest experts who have featured in Conscious Boss Bootcamp- who's call you will gain access to in the CB Vault!
Preston Smiles
Alexi Panos
Melissa Ambrosini
Niyc Pidgeon
Demir & Carey Bentley
Jenna Phillips Ballard
If you have any questions or doubts about signing up, please reach out to my team and I here - we will be happy to support you in your decision.
If I haven't yet launched my business, is this the right programme for me?
YES! This is exactly where you need to be to get all the tools, motivation, strategies & support to know HOW to launch, so when you do, it is as successful as possible.

I have a business already, is this right for me?
YES! As above, if you have a business or not, we are covering everything you need in order to get more CLEAR on not just launching, but growing your business. Everything from getting clear on who you want to serve, who you can collaborate with (and how), social media, marketing, mindset & more.

My business isn't technically a 'wellness' business, does this programme still work for me?
You got it. My approach applies to any business, however wellness, and wellness businesses are my passion. However, "women in wellness" is more of a mentality of my client, which of course extends into her business. It is a focus on leaving those around us better because we were there. It is a mindset of taking care of ourselves. If you're here, on this page, I know it is your mentality too, and that you'll be the perfect fit for CBB.

How long is the programme?
Conscious Boss Bootcamp is a self study course that runs over 4 weeks, with lifetime access to the Facebook community. You will receive the membership site & Facebook Group as soon as you're registered.

Can you guarantee I will make money with this programme?
I know, as a switched on, driven aspiring entrepreneur, you know the answer to that is... you will get out what you put in. While some people have had $5K-$10K months during the programme, that is based off their willingness to put in the work and implement the teachings. If you show up for your business and commit to creating results, they will come. However I do not guarantee your earnings. 

Other Questions
Need help? My team and I are here to help if you have any questions or concerns about Conscious Boss Bootcamp that haven't been answered in the FAQ's!  Feel free to get in touch with us.

“My business has never grown so fast in the last 4 months and I 100% know it’s because of the work that I have done with Emily." - Kathryn Ottobrino, Coach & Reiki Practitioner

Here's what other game changers are saying...

Alexi Panos

Author, coach, philanthropist & speaker

"Make sure you find a way to work with Emily"

"I had the amazing pleasure of getting to meet and work with Emily Gallagher and Conscious Boss brand. Emily is one of those people who is truly committed to serving and is truly committed to expanding what's possible for business in general in the world.

Make sure you connect with Emily, make sure you find a way to work with her. It's just the beginning of our relationship together and I just know we are going to create some extraordinary things. She is definitely somebody to watch in these next few years. Because she puts her mind to something and she creates incredible results."

Preston Smiles

Author, Speaker & Coach

"She is the real deal"

"I can’t say enough about Emily Gallagher and the Conscious Boss movement. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. She is more than a Conscious Boss, I consider her a friend.

She is ridiculously crazy and fun and super professional and somebody I would work with 1000 times. She is absolutely amazing and I can't sing her praises enough.

If you are thinking about working with her, do it asap.

She is the real deal.  "

Selena Soo

Publicity & Brand strategist

"I highly recommend working with her"

"I worked with Emily on a special event at Lululemon while I was visiting New Zealand.

I was beyond impressed with how quickly she put it together, and how she got so many people signed up. There was a line around the block to get in! This event was not only great for brand-building, but it connected me to many ideal customers, resulting in thousands of dollars in sales.

Emily is passionate, creative & willing to go the extra mile for those she believes in. I highly recommend working with her."

Joel Brown

Founder of World's # 1 Motivation website

"If you are thinking about working with Emily, stop thinking, start doing"

"Emily Gallagher is an absolute game changer. I've had the awesome opportunity to work by her side and she helped me to sell thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of tickets for my event out in Australia and New Zealand.

One of the things that I really appreciate about Emily and admire is that she is a woman of her word, she takes the action and she does it with heart.

If you are thinking about working with Emily, stop thinking, start doing!"

Let's do this! Yours in courageous consciousness & with love always,
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ABOUT OUR STUDENT TESTIMONIALS: Your results in the Conscious Boss Bootcamp Program may vary from those of the student stories featured on this page. There are many things that will influence the results and experiences you may have with this program, most importantly the effort that you put in. We cannot promise, imply, or guarantee any results (including income) from taking this program. By enrolling you acknowledge that only you can be responsible for your own success.